Picture Windows and Fixed Windows with Geometric and Architectural Shapes

This is a category of fixed glazing. Any window that does not open for ventilation or egress would be categorized as a Fixed or Picture Window.

Fixed windows come in all sizes and shapes. One area we look at is to make sure the fixed windows will match the operable windows. The frame size and design as well as the glass color of the Fixed window should be the same as the other windows within the opening and compliment any adjacent windows. .

Fixed windows do not have screens.


A half Round Picture above 2 Quarter rounds and a rectangle picture window with the third row  picture windows with a Double Hung in the center.


4 quarter round windows joined with structural
mullions to create a large Round Picture Window.


A very tall corner and very large window divided at the corner with a 45° mullion. The vertical size is so tall it had to be split with the small picture above the larger one.