Impact Windows West Palm Beach

impact windows west palm beachLiving in a hurricane-prone area leads to conditions in which South Floridians tend to think about impact windows in West Palm Beach frequently. More stringent building code and standards, especially since Hurricane Andrew, also means that area residents need to be aware of impact doors in West Palm Beach and other potential entry points for destructive wind and rain.

A related but equally important benefit are the energy savings that are realized from impact windows and impact doors. Since they are generally manufactured to adhere to more rigid standards than conventional windows and doors, their value in energy savings and conservation becomes very clear.

Another benefit of impact windows in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas is the UV-resistant quality that they offer. The Florida sun is tough on furniture and interior furnishings, even when sunlight is indirect and residual. Usually, these windows and doors have a UV resistance.

What’s Special About Impact Windows in West Palm Beach?

Impact windows are typically manufactured from two sheets of tempered glass, with a layer of air trapped in between. The sheets are laminated to make them flexible enough to withstand blasts of hurricane or tropical storm force winds, as well as small debris carried by winds. When debris hits windows made of ordinary glass, the impact is enough to leave small cracks on the surface of the glass. Repeated impacts can shatter the glass along the cracks. When a hurricane is striking your home, shattered windows can offer obstruction-free entry and no resistance to the wind, creating a difference in atmospheric pressure between the inside and outside of your home which can actually blow the roof off.

Impact windows are also important in West Palm Beach because they have beneficial impact on a home’s resale value, as well as having an impact on tax reduction. Unfortunately, homeowners don’t always realize all of the major and second benefits that comes from improvements like impact windows and impact doors.

It’s an expensive lesson to learn when the safety and security of your home is compromised due to inferior materials. The essential fact is that impact windows in West Palm Beach are critically important. Homeowner decision making for storm and impact resistant windows should never overlook impact doors, either.  Residents of hurricane prone areas like West Palm Beach are well aware of the risks.


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