Impact Windows Parkland

Impact Windows ParklandParkland is one of the wealthiest cities in Broward County. The city is renowned for its affluent homes and green open spaces. The motto of the city is “Environmentally proud,” and its citizens pride themselves on being environmentally conscious. As of 2010, Parkland, Florida had a population of 23,962. A 2008 estimate found that the median house value for a home in Parkland was $873,176. If you live in Parkland or are looking to move into the area, getting the right Parkland hurricane windows is imperative. Here’s why.

The Florida hurricane season is in full force between June 1st through November 30th. About two hurricanes strike Florida every year, and Parkland’s location often places it in the eye of the storm. Read on.

The Hurricane Research Division of the NOAA estimate that forty percent of all U.S. hurricanes hit Florida. With property values as high as they are, and Parkland’s location so centralized in the Florida peninsula, it’s no wonder homes need to be protected. The best solution against hurricanes impacting your Parkland home is the simplest. Snowbirds hate struggling with shutters. Mothers hate feeling trapped in a dark home covered by plywood. The best solution is impact glass. Impact glass beats other hurricane protection methods hands down, every time. This glass can withstand hurricane debris and eliminate the need for hurricane shutters and plywood. Impact windows in Parkland are similar to a car windshield, with a durable plastic laminate sandwiched between two strong panes of glass. The outside layers may break but the rigid center prevents a hole from forming. This keeps your house airtight in the event of a hurricane.

Professional Installation of Parkland Impact Windows

Replacing your existing thin paned windows could be the difference between a few hundred dollars in property damage – or a few hundred thousand. Even a small breach can shatter most single paned windows, proving disastrous for the integrity of your home. Standard single paned glass will fracture in the event of a hurricane, sending broken shards of glass through the inside of your home. Impact resistant glass stands up to Category 4 hurricanes. Although the glass may crack when hit by incoming debris, the structure of the window will not be compromised, and your house will remain airtight.

Each day, more and more Parkland homeowners are realizing the value and longevity of impact windows for their home. Upgrade today and enjoy the greater security, energy savings, home security, sound reduction, and increased property value that your new Parkland impact windows will give you.

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