Impact Windows Palm Beach

impact-windows-palm-beachLiving in South Florida is beautiful but it also means that you have to consider maximum hurricane protection for your homes windows and doors, as hurricane season takes up almost half of the entire year here. Many homeowners are getting tired of constantly having to install shutters come a hurricane warning, as it is time consuming and not the most effective option. Palm Beach impact windows function beyond their primary function of weather protection, they are burglar proof and energy cost-efficient too.

Impact windows are not only a luxury to have throughout your home when you live in South Florida, they are a necessity and can save you a substantial amount of money on fixing damage caused by hurricanes. Palm Beach impact windows help to protect your family come hurricane season, as they are impact resistant, being able to withstand intensely strong hurricane-type winds.

Why Palm Beach Impact Windows?

When a hurricane warning comes into effect, you do not always have the time to prepare your windows and doors, as installing shutters and plywood is very time consuming. Florida Window Experts have state-of-the-art impact windows with a triple pane design making them impact resistant so they will not shatter upon contact. They also come in the variety of window styles, from double hung to geometric, we’ve got the style for you.

We also offer a wide variety of grid styles such as:

– Colonial

– Cross

– Diamond

– Perimeter

– Prairie

– Victorian

More Than Just Hurricane Protection

Impact windows in Palm Beach pose more than just protection from hurricanes, they have a multitude of benefits such as:

– 24/7 protection from the elements: Never install shutters again

– Sound dampening: Reduces transfer of sound

– Burglar proof: Reinforced sealed closers

– Enhanced UV protection: Cuts UV rays by 90%

– Energy saving: Reduced monthly bills, cost-effective

With high-efficiency windows you can be sure that your loved ones are protected from hurricanes all year long. Although hurricane shutters are an economical choice for homeowners, they are not storm proof and do not stop your windows from completely shattering. In turn, your family is not as protected as they can be.

Palm Beach Impact Windows Are Making An Impact

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be completely relaxed when a hurricane hit because you had impact windows installed? That’s the Florida Window Experts advantage. We install storm proof windows for you so you don’t have to go through the hassle of doing the hurricane-prep yourself. In fact, as soon as you get these windows installed you will never have to board up your windows ever again. How is that for convenience and comfort.

Our highly skilled and trained professionals will create a custom plan for your residential or commercial building. We offer efficient service and effective products so you can be sure you are laying your trust in a company that prides itself on customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction: you are our number one priority.

Our Commitment

With high quality impact windows, Florida Window Experts truly offer a turnkey service. Through client commitment we provide exceptional service, extraordinary products, tailored work and the ultimate in peace of mind. Adding these windows to your home is an invaluable decision that will ensure that you have taken the proper steps in protecting your home from the elements. Hurricanes are unforgivable forces of nature; don’t make your home susceptible to damage and take the proper measures today to protect your home for a lifetime.

Your home is your biggest investment, why not take the utmost in precaution in order to protect it. Another advantage? Palm Beach hurricane windows provide added protection, security, and a break/discount on homeowners insurance. Call us today for your free quote, you’ll be glad you took the first step in protecting your home and your family.