Impact Windows Palm Beach Shores

Impact Windows Palm Beach ShoresPalm Beach shores is a quaint and lovely town in Palm Beach County. This popular travel vacation destination is loved by all those who visit and reside here. Surrounded by tranquil blue ocean water and soft white sand, it’s no wonder that many flock to the shoes of Palm Beach to get away and relax.

Palm Beach Shores impact windows are a wise investment into your home in more ways than just protecting your windows from shattering. These impact-resistant windows are known for their 24/7 burglar proof protection, sound dampening features, and money savings on monthly energy bills.

When a hurricane warning is in effect, you don’t often have the luxury of time on your hands. Putting up plywood and hurricane shutters is daunting and time-consuming and you don’t always have the option to protect your home if the warning comes without notice. Palm Beach Shores hurricane windows are designed to withstand hurricane winds of up to 145mph without shattering or breaking. They are designed with unique heavy-duty, multi-chambered frame, impact-resistant glass, and an additional piece of glass for added insulation. The windows are air-sealed tight so no draft or breeze can seep through.

Impact windows in Palm Beach Shores add a lovely aesthetic to the interior and exterior of your home, boasting more than just functionality, they boast a lovely appearance as well. These windows are energy-efficient, making them an economical choice when wanting to lower your electrical bill.

Are You Ready For The Next Hurricane?

Preparing for a hurricane is something that all Floridians are accustomed to. Many residents go through the ebbs and flows of installing plywood and hurricane shutters when a warning has come into effect. But the hassle of this endeavor can be completely withdrawn after the installation of impact windows. Since these windows are permanent, there is no need to install hurricane shutters ever again once these are in place.

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Living Florida definitely has its upsides but it also has its fair share of downsides as well. You must take certain safety measures: your home is your biggest investment so why not do everything you can to safeguard it? Our complete line of impact windows will give you the level of protection you need with the quality you want.

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