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impact windows manalapanManalapan, Florida is a beachfront town located in the United States. Located in Palm Beach county, the affluent town is located on A1A Boulevard south of Lake Worth and north of Boynton Beach. As of July 1st, 2016 the small town is home to just 424 people (Source). Median home values are $1,000,001 – with families making an average household income of $212,359. The formal boundaries for the Town of Manalapan encompass a land area of 0.45 square miles and a water area of 10.07 square miles. As a result, most homes in Manalapan have a dock in which residents can secure their boats and yachts. Unfortunately, with property values as high as they are, Manalapan’s ocean facing location makes it vulnerable during the hurricane season. In the event of a storm surge or hurricane, it is often the oceanfront properties that get hit first. 

The Benefits of Impact Windows in Manalapan

Floridians are all too familiar with hurricanes as they strike the coast with regularity and alarming speed. Accordingly, South Florida boasts some of the strictest housing codes in the country – just to make sure its residents are prepared for the next inevitable storm.

Hurricane windows provide multiple benefits over traditional storm protection – like plyboard and accordion style shutters. Made with two thick pieces of reinforced glass sandwiched between a film of argon gas, impact windows keep their structural integrity even in the event of a Category 5 Hurricane. This means that your home is insulated from any flying debris that may enter and rupture a hole in your home.

Unlike traditional plyboard or accordion shutters, hurricane impact windows do not detract from the aesthetic of the home. Residents enjoy full visibility during storms as they do not have to shut themselves in and wait for the storm to roll over. Storm panels and plywood require storage leave you in the dark during home’s – plus they have to be kept in storage when not in use.

They dampen incoming noise, such as from traffic, sirens, loud neighbors, or landscaping service. They also provide built-in security from intruders as their sturdy nature makes your home more difficult for a break-in. Enjoy added comfort and peace of mind knowing you are protected by the most technologically sound and modern windows available on the market. For homeowners in Manalapan wishing to learn more, the full benefits that impact windows confer are listed here.

Manalapan Impact Windows Can Cut Energy Costs

Our replacement impact windows are spectrally selective low-E glass due to their ability to reduce solar heat gain while retaining high visible transmittance. The Window Experts Inc. reduce air conditioning costs while suppressing radiative heat flow. They add to the green rating of your home, and can also lower your rates on your homeowner’s insurance. In total, Manalapan impact windows prove a very good return on investment.

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