Impact Windows Lighthouse Point

impact-windows-lighthouse-pointLighthouse Point is a beautiful beachside city in Broward County, Florida. Nestled in between Deerfield  Beach, Hillsboro Beach and Pompano Beach, the city provides oceanside views of intracoastal waterways. The iconic city was named for the famous Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse which served as a navigational aid for sailors on the Atlantic coast.

But for half of the year, this peaceful city comes under attack from storms, gale force winds, tropical systems and hurricanes that form in the Atlantic ocean. Under these circumstances, local residents choose to safeguard their homes with impact windows in Lighthouse Point.

Coastal residents know that between June 1st to November 30th, the time when hurricane season is in full swing, their Lighthouse Point homes need to be protected. Hurricanes hit so often that the World Meteorological Organization has taken to naming each one, in order to avoid confusion and streamline communication. On average, ten hurricanes form by Florida every year, although not all strike the coast. 

Get Ready for the Hurricane Season with Lighthouse Point Impact Windows

For Lighthouse Point residents hurricane protection is key. Given the city’s proximity to the Atlantic coast and the high property values of homes along the shore, residents have taken to securing their homes before the hurricane hits. High quality hurricane windows, like those professionally fabricated and installed by The Window Experts, are constructed according to established building codes and insulate the home in the event of a powerful storm.

Impact Windows in Lighthouse Point: Since 1978

Florida residents who have lived in the state for a few decades know just how costly a storm can be. Your home is oftentimes your biggest investment. When gale force winds read speeds of 120 to 150 miles per hour, and lawn chairs, street signs and tree branches are blowing about in a chaotic maelstrom the only thing standing in between the debris and the inside of your home are your windows. Lighthouse Point hurricane windows are a safe investment in securing the longevity of your home.

Florida Window Experts has been installing high impact resistant hurricane windows for Lighthouse Point residents since 1978. We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and install windows and doors that meet or exceed strict Broward county building code protection. Each day, more Lighthouse Point residents are realizing that the protection of their home means being ready before the storm hits. 

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