Impact Windows Lantana

At The Window Experts, we offer a complete line of impact windows in Lantana. We are committed to manufacturing the highest grade hurricane resistant impact windows on the market for homeowners and commercial buildings alike. Protecting your home is not only shielding its structure and maintaining its facade; it is protecting your family and the memories you’ve cultivated within it as well. Your home is your biggest investment; don’t wait to safeguard your home.

If you reside in South Florida than you are familiar with the importance of installing impact windows throughout your home. With hurricane season being in full effect for half of the calender year, protecting your home against the possibility of storm damage is invaluable. We proudly serve all of South Florida including Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.

Why You Should Consider Lantana Impact Windows

At Florida Window Experts, we offer a complete line of impact and hurricane resistant windows to suit any residential or commercial property. We offer:

– Double Hung windows

– Sliding and tilt-on sliding windows

– Casement windows

– Awning Windows

– Bay and bow windows

– Sliding patio doors and windows

All of our Lantana impact windows boast a durable, triple pane design that seals against wind leakage, thick energy-saving glass, are Florida Dade County Car 5 approved, filter out noise, and include ventilation night latched that provide secure airflow to your home. All of our windows are designed to fit with traditional architectural styles as well so finding the perfect impact widow is made simple with us.

Lantana Hurricane Windows Will Save You Money

Impact windows serve beyond their primary purpose of shielding against damage caused by hurricane debris impact; they also provide a substantial savings on your monthly energy bill. This is due to the windows thick glass and triple pane design – features that standard/basic, single and double pane windows simply do not have. Living in Florida, the summer heat can be very intense and the beaming sun through your windows and into your house only costs you more every month. With impact windows, UV transfer and heat transfer is cut down by almost 99 per cent meaning you will save a substantial amount of money every single month on air conditioning. Studies have shown that over 40% of a home’s annual energy is consumed by windows.

The Window Experts Advantage

Lantana Impact Windows installed by The Florida Window Experts means that you will receive the highest quality windows at the most reasonable price, installed in a timely and professional manner. We are fully accredited and licensed, have a BBB rating, and are an Energy Star company. We also offer great financing options for those who choose to pay in increments.

At Florida Window Experts, we guarantee the best quality impact windows in Lantana. Making a call is the first step in protecting your home against hurricane damage. Call us today for your free, no obligation quote from one of our industry professionals and start protecting your home and your loved ones today.