Impact Windows Lake Park

Impact Windows Lake ParkLake Park is a town located in Palm Beach County, Florida on the Southeastern coast of the United States. The town is bordered by North Palm Beach to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Riviera Beach to the south, and Palm Beach Gardens to the west. The municipality was the first zoned province in the State of Florida. In its early history, Lake Park Town Hall, which was constructed in 1927, served as a shelter for residents during the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane.

This hurricane made landfall on the Florida coast and hit West Palm Beach with winds of 145 miles per hour. It was one of the most deadly storms ever recorded, and brought about $100 million in total damage, and claimed at least 4079 lives. If it can happen once it can happen again.

That’s why we urge Florida residents to protect their home in the event of such a storm. Windows are oftentimes the weakest part of the home. Lake Park hurricane windows resist impact from gale forced winds and will not shatter when impacted with debris picked up during a storm. Oftentimes your home is your biggest investment. We urge you to not leave your asset unprotected.

Just how do impact windows in Lake Park protect your Florida home? Read on to find out. 

Understanding Hurricane Wind Speed

Once wind speeds reach 74 miles-per-hour, a tropical storm is then labeled a hurricane. Hurricanes are ranked by five categories, with 1 being the least severe, to 5 being catastrophic.

Category 1

A category 1 hurricane has sustained winds of 74-95 mph. Well constructed homes may lose a few shingles, and small tree branches may snap off trees, but for the most part, homeowners are safe being bunkered down in their homes.

Category 2

A category 2 hurricane has sustained winds of 96-110 mph. Shallowly rooted trees and large tree branches may be picked up by the increasing wind speed. Residents are urged to stay in their homes.

Category 3

Wind speed begins to pick up, between 111-129 mph, and the hurricane is now considered major. Government institutions like FEMA begin to make preparations for a worst-case scenario. In these wind speeds trees may be snapped or uprooted, and any patio furniture not bolted down can strike patio windows and doors. Trashcans and other small items begin flying through the air.

Category 4

A coming category 4 hurricane (130-156 mph) usually requires individuals to begin evacuating their home, as they will not be safe living in it. Power lines can be uprooted, resulting in power outages and downed power lines. The winds are strong enough to begin lifting small cars off the road. Flooding is expected.

Category 5

A category 5 hurricane brings sustained winds of 157 mph or more. Temporary and mobile housing is at high risk for collapse. Even in well-built homes roofs may fly off. Residents should not stay in their homes in the event of a Category 5 hurricane, and any missile could impact windows in Lake Park, leading to severe structural damage.

Lake Park Impact Windows Are The Best Solution

This glass can withstand debris thrown about by hurricane winds, even in the event of a Category 5 hurricane! Impact windows in Lake Park are similar to a car windshield, with a plastic laminate sandwiched between two strong panes of glass. 

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