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impact-windows-hypoluxoHurricanes can strike anywhere. Even in Hypoluxo.

Hypoluxo is a small town located on Florida’s Gold Coast. Halfway between West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, Hypoluxo features beachfront property, hidden coves, and various boating inlets for its residents. In the 1990 census, Hypoluxo was recorded as having 830 residents, in 1997 – 1,371 residents, and in 2000 – 2,015 residents.  The most current census, in 2009, found that the population grew to 2,427 residents.

The origin of the name “Hypoluxo” is debated. The word is a combination of Greek, Latin, and Seminole languages, with the Greek root “hypo” meaning under, or below average, while the Latin “lux” means light. The historical interpretation by Seminole Indians roughly translated the word “Hypoluxo” to water all around, no get out.

Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean, and Lake Osborne, the small town experiences about two hurricanes on an annual basis that make landfall on its shores. Hypoluxo homeowners are also at risk of ocean hurricanes passing north along the Florida coast, whipping beater bands and inclement weather on the shore.

Hypoluxo Impact Windows Provide Reliable Protection

Benjamin Franklin once said that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This quote is apt when talking about hurricane protection for your Florida home. Preventing a hurricane from entering your home is one of the surest ways of protecting it.

In the event of a hurricane, differences in pressure in combination with gale force winds and constant rain can weaken the openings in your home. A hurricane is most likely to enter your home through an open window or door. Should this happen, more wind will enter, ripping your place apart – causing destruction as the air enters your home, looking for a place to escape. Roofs have been known to be lifted off homes when a window shatters and air is let in. Once the roof is lifted, the structure of your home is severely impacted, and your Hypoluxo home can even collapse. Hypoluxo impact windows provide the best and most reliable form of hurricane protection

Best Impact Windows in Hypoluxo

It is important to protect your home’s weakest entryways with  hurricane windows and doors. With 40 percent of the hurricanes that occur in the United States striking Florida, we are literally in the eye of the storm. Therefore, Palm Beach County has some of the most strict building codes in the country when it comes to hurricane impact window construction. Our company prides itself on constructing Hypoluxo impact windows that not only meet, but exceed government building codes.

Manufactured with argon gas in between two thick pieces of glazed glass,  our hurricane windows lock in place and keep your home as tight as a fortress. Check out this page for more specifications on Hypoluxo hurricane windows.

Hypoluxo Impact Windows Financing Options

Wondering how to plan for the stormy days ahead? The Window Experts Inc. even provides financing options for homeowners looking to upgrade their home with impact windows. Click here to learn more!

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