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Impact Windows HollywoodHollywood is one of South Florida’s most populous cities and was founded over 90 years ago.  Hollywood’s location on the storm-prone Southeast Florida coast makes it vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms. Hollywood has been impacted hurricanes and major storms over the years, and property damage has been significant. Living in Hollywood and South Florida in particular, it’s not a matter of “if”  but rather a matter of “when” the next hurricane will hit.

At The Windows Experts, we install impact windows in Hollywood that can withstand even the strongest of hurricanes that are common to the South Florida area. However, our Hollywood impact windows don’t just solely provide hurricane protection, they also add a layer of security to your home. With durable ThermaGuard glass technology, our impact windows can withstand very large impacts can prevent burglars, vandals, and intruders from entering your home.

Why Hollywood Impact Windows Are A Better Choice

Hurricanes are nothing new to South Florida, as the area has been pummeled by numerous major storm systems over the years. The de-facto form of hurricane protection used to be plyboards and metal hurricane shutters that are quickly installed when a threat is imminent. While they offer some protection, the fact that hurricane shutters have to be put up and taken down every time a hurricane is looming makes them inefficient. In more recent times, accordion hurricane shutters have gotten popular to address the major issue of installing and removing shutters but they also negatively affect the look of the home.

With our impact windows in Hollywood, you’ll never have to worry about installing and removing (or paying someone to install and remove) hurricane shutters again. Our impact windows offer trusted hurricane protection 24/7 while looking just like normal windows.  Our impact windows will help you reduce your energy costs and can increase the value of your Hollywood home. Hollywood impact windows are the best solution, bar none.

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Impact Windows in Hollywood

Our impact windows in Hollywood are ideal for homes and commercial properties in Hollywood Our impact windows are backed with an extended warranty as we are fully committed to our customers while standing behind our products and service.

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