Impact Windows Hillsboro Beach

Impact Windows Hillsboro BeachHillsboro Beach is a beachfront town located in Broward County. The town was named for the Earl of Hillsborough, an Englishman who received large land grants from the King of England, back when the U.S. was under British rule. Hillsboro Beach is home to “Millionaire’s Mile,” a strip of majestic estates on oceanfront property spanning from the Atlantic Ocean to the Intercoastal. Unfortunately, hurricanes strike here with alarming regularity, so it is important to protect your home with Hillsboro Beach hurricane windows.

Hillsboro Beach Impact Windows

Being so close to the coast, Hillsboro Beach has experienced many hurricanes. It is one of the first South Florida locations to be hit when hurricanes and tropical storms make landfall. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimates that South Florida experiences a hurricane or tropical storm every 2 years. Hillsboro Beach homeowners are all too familiar with hurricanes after the active 2004 and 2005 seasons. While many Hillsboro Beach homeowners have relied on accordion, aluminum and plyboard shutters as a means of defense, impact windows are a much better solution. Our Hillsboro Beach impact windows as versatile as they are strong.

Hillsboro Hurricane Impact Windows Safeguard Your Home

With hurricane impact windows you can have peace of mind that your Hillsboro Beach property won’t be breached. Impact windows don’t just defend against the elements but also against burglars. Statistically, one third of burglars gain entry into a home through a window, while the remaining two thirds will get in through an insecure door. Hillsboro Beach impact windows lower your home’s energy cost by keeping cold air in and hot air out. Your homeowner’s insurance bill will also decrease once your insurance company sees you’ve installed impact windows in Hillsboro Beach. It is important to consider the security, increased property value, lowered energy costs and serenity you will experience once your Hillsboro Beach hurricane windows have been installed.

Impact Resistant Hurricane Windows in Hillsboro Beach

Installing impact resistant hurricane windows in your Hillsboro Beach home means you won’t have to install shutters or plywood ever again. When hurricanes blow up to 150 mph, and hurl debris at your home, you can rest assured that the airtight seal won’t be broken. Florida Window Experts installs high quality laminated glass which is used in the installation of our Hillsboro Beach impact windows.

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