Impact Windows Coral Springs

impact windows coral springsAlthough it has been relatively quiet since 2005, Hurricane Wilma caused a tremendous amount of damage to homes in Coral Springs, including extensive roof and patio damage.

Coral Springs impact windows and impact doors can be a tremendous advantage. They allow the homeowner to effectively protect one of the most vulnerable entry points to a home. This is important since wind damage is especially a problem. Security is also a consideration and impact windows and doors are more resistant to intruder breakage, thus lowering the chance of a criminal break in. Meanwhile, the value of impact windows can’t be over emphasized.

Florida’s hurricane season lasts nearly half of the calendar year. Historically, no other state has been impacted by so many hurricanes and tropical storms. Prior to impact windows, the typical methods of hurricane protection in the area were covering windows with plyboard, metal shutters and accordion shutters. Unfortunately, plyboard is a hassle to install and remove. The metal shutters offer more protection than plyboard but they also affect the appearance of your property.

The Benefits of Coral Springs Impact Windows

The most obvious benefit of Coral Springs impact windows is the resistance to the impact of hurricanes. If debris creates even a small crack in your window, air begins to seep into your home. Powerful hurricane winds will throw off your house or business’s equilibrium air pressure and overwhelm the structure. What this means is that a hurricane in Coral Springs can actually cause your roof to collapse from within.

In order to maintain stable air pressure in your home, Coral Springs impact windows and impact doors are not only strong but they are reinforced with extra layers of glass. They are also insulated better than ordinary windows. This means that there are benefits to Coral Springs impact windows that extend far beyond hurricane protection. Among other benefits, they also offer increased energy efficiency. They make your home more energy efficient by providing air and temperature insulation that is very effective. With less air escaping your home, less energy is required to keep it hot or cold, and the room temperature remains at its most constant.

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