Impact Windows Cooper City

impact-windows-cooper-cityCooper City is a vibrant community in Broward County, Florida. Known for its lush acreage and good schools, the city is also home to Brian Piccolo Park. Its location towards the center of Broward county also means that it is a prime target for hurricanes that make landfall in the region. Luckily, impact windows in Cooper City can be relied upon to provide reliable protection against the coming storm.

Cooper City Hurricane Windows Safeguard Your Home

The Weather Channel estimates that the 2016 storm season will be the most active storm year since 2012. Fourteen storms and three major hurricanes are predicted to form in the Atlantic basin during the coming season. For the ones that make landfall, it is important to safeguard your home, property and valuables as best as possible. Coastal residents in cities like Cooper City should prepare for the worst by installing hurricane proof, high impact resistant windows and doors.

Why are Cooper City Impact Windows Important?

High-impact windows are made from thick laminated glass that creates a pressurized seal around your home. When a category 2 or above hurricane batters your home, air pressure seeks to enter into every nook and cranny of your home. The force of the hurricane’s wind can also lift up debris like ceramics, wood, and metal and hurl them against your home. High impact windows do not collapse under these pressures as the glass is comprised of two pieces of heat strengthened glass, built with an inner layer of argon gas. Cooper City impact windows are tested against moisture, pressure, and even high impact projectiles. They are placed in your window-ways with a heavy and rigid frame that ensures your Cooper City hurricane windows stay in place.

Why Choose Impact Windows in Cooper City?

If you’re a snowbird living away from your home, or a traveling Florida resident, you’ll know your home is protected in the event of a high category storm. You won’t need to cancel your plans or fly back to the Sunshine State to install plywood over your windows or pull shutters over your openings. True hurricane impact glass, as sold by The Window Experts, replaces traditional home hurricane protection like shutters, plywood, or storm panels. These traditional methods can be a hassle to install and require that you be home a few days before the hurricane hits. They also leave your home in the dark as they block all light coming into your home.

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