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How long have you been in business?

Q. What makes your windows different, aren’t all windows the same?

Q. What does “Code Approved” mean to me?

Q.  What is the difference between Dade County Approved and Florida Building Code?

Q.  Do I need Miami/Dade Code approved windows or is there a lesser expensive way to go?

Q.  How long does it take to get my windows after we have an agreement?

Q.  Do I need my HOA (Home Owner Association) to approve this project before I get estimates?

Q.  Do I need my Condominium to approve this project before I get estimates?

Q.  Will my new windows keep my furniture from fading?

AQ.  What options are there for the window frame material?

Q.  Should I get vinyl or aluminum windows?

Q.  What does “Low-E” mean?

.  What kind of Low-E glass do you offer?

Q.  Should I spend the money on a good Low-E glazing option?

Q.  What is the cost advantage to impact windows versus hurricane shutters?

.  What is the expected “Life span” of my original Builder Windows?

Q.  What changed in Builder Windows to make them wear out sooner?

Q.  The aluminum looks in good shape, why are they “worn out”?

Q.  Will I get a discount on my home owner’s insurance if I put new impact windows in my home?

Q.  What is a Whole house Mitigation?

Q.  What areas do you service?

Q. Do you export to the islands?

Q.  Why do business with The Window Experts rather than any other window company?      

Are there rebates from the government or FP&L for Energy Star rated windows?

Q.  I have the same house as my neighbor.  Am I going to pay the same amount for my windows as they paid for theirs?

Q.  Are impact windows burglar proof windows?

Q.  What warranties are on the windows?

Q.  If I know the sizes of my windows, can I get a quote over the phone?

Q.  Do you offer financing?

Q.  Can I keep my current window treatments?

Q.  Will I need to do anything after the installation like stucco work or painting?

Q.  Is there anything we need to do to get our house ready for your installers?

Q.  I can’t remove the old blinds and there is a large chest by one window and a desk by another. What should I do?

Q.  What if my sills crack during installation?

Q.  Who pulls the necessary permits?

Q.  How do I look up The Window Experts reputation?