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Founder Daniel Van Dyk, was born and raised in Miami, Florida.His father, a Dutch immigrant and mother, a Daughter of the Revolution, instilled excellent values, along with respecting others and taking care of neighbors, because they knew that it is a person’s core values that guides them in all their decisions and life choices.
Dan first started helping families with replacing their old windows in 1978. He worked for a small dealer in Fort Lauderdale that featured the latest and greatest in air tight windows; Aluminum frames with single pane tinted glass, which was the best technology available to homeowners at that time. The changes since, have been amazing.
ThermaGuard Windows and Doors
Aware of the need to help people protect their homes and families from damaging winds and the danger of wind driven debris, in 1980 he went to work for a major hurricane shutter manufacturer, while always keeping current on the engineering of emerging products.
Applying his personal expertise in meteorology and engineering, he studied the effects of hurricanes and determined that the minimum code shutters just wouldn’t work in a bad blow. It was in 1982, that Dan helped that company successfully produce and launch a hurricane shutter with much stronger material and a stronger anchoring system resulting in what was dubbed; “Super Panels”, and when Hurricane Andrew tore through southern Dade County, they protected over 250 families. Not one window was lost, which proved that even the worst hurricane was a survivable and manageable event with the right protection.
He has since embraced the need for a replacement window that addressed all the true functions that a window is supposed to do. Stop heat transfer, block the sun’s damaging rays, eliminate drafts, keep out burglars, protect from hurricanes, beautify homes and be easy to clean. Most importantly they should last virtually forever in a tropical salt zone without any serious maintenance or deterioration.
In his quest to find the best materials and technology available in windows to solve all these challenges, he forged a strong relationship with some of the country’s best window manufacturers. This combined with his unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction became the beginnings and foundation of what is now one of the leading window replacement companies in South Florida;”The Window Experts, Inc.”.