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Hurricane Protection

For those of us living in Florida hurricane protection is a necessity. Keep your home and family safe this hurricane season with impact doors and windows.

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Save Energy

Did you know that you can lower your energy costs by upgrading your windows and doors? Get the latest technology in Energy Efficient Impact Windows.

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Home Security

Our heavy duty, high quality impact windows are so hard to break into that they are virtually burglar proof. Enjoy peace of mind that your home and family are safe.

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Sound Reduction

Not only do our high quality Impact Doors and Windows give you superior energy efficiency and safety but they also provide sound dampening to keep you home quiet.

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Discover the difference South Florida impact windows can make in your home. Modernized windows as installed by Florida Window Experts come with increased energy efficiency, without compromising on the quality of hurricane protection. We’ve been servicing the South Florida community since 2009 with replacement windows and doors.

South Florida Impact Windows Safeguard Your Home

Our founder, Daniel Van Dyk has been helping families with replacement windows in South Florida since 1978. While working for a major hurricane shutter manufacturer, Van Dyk realized that minimum code shutters would not work in an all-powerful storm. His passion for meteorology and engineering led him to produce a much tougher material with a stronger anchoring system. When Hurricane Andrew tore through Dade County, this solution protected over 250 families in the state. Not one window was lost, which proved that even the worst hurricane was survivable and manageable event given the right protection.

Our replacement impact windows are as versatile as they are strong. High-impact hurricane glass is made from quarter inch sheets of laminated glass, held in place by a hardy frame that requires two technicians to install. When struck by a projectile, this type of glass maintains its shape and form, keeping debris, winds, and water damage from entering the home in the event of a storm. The plastic laminate sandwiched between impact glass holds the panels of glass together after impact.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

Their properties reduce AC load and lower cooling bills, adding to the green rating of your home by improving your home’s energy efficiency. South Florida impact windows help reduce noise from outside traffic, lawn mowers and barking dogs, making your home peaceful and quiet. Burglars will have a tough time entering in through your impact windows as shattering them requires significantly more work than burglars are willing to endure.

Replacement window manufacturing and installation is a specialized job that requires labor training. Other competitors cut overhead costs by using shoddier materials, or servicing an installation job with unqualified and inexperienced contract laborers. This results in a lower quality product that does not meet the mark when the wind gets blowing. We stand by our work with one of the best warranties available in the industry.100% financing is available and we stand behind our products and service with many satisfied customers.